Welcome FitFriends!

Welcome to the site for fitness inspiration, motivation, and real life fitness experience. There is so much data available for fitness and it can be very discouraging to seek information and to believe all you read. Our goal is to inform you on real life experiences around current fitness trends, motivate you to push pass all fitness obstacles, and inspire you to reach pass all fitness limitations.


“Fitness first starts in the mind than it transcends to the spirit and than it feeds the body.”


How do you currently perceive yourself? What do you see when you look in the mirror? Now close you eyes, clear your mind and say to yourself what do want to see. Whatever you saw in your mind is your imagination.  Take that visual and make it your fitness goal for achievement. Now take that fitness goal for achievement and think about it everyday. Write it down, and make it a part of your life. You are now taking that fitness goal for achievement and turning it into a living dream. Once that mental visual representation of yourself is alive and living in you it will become you.





Fitfriends I wish you all the success and power to achieve your fitness dreams.  Reach out  to me with any questions and/or suggestions you have regarding fitness or my post.


  1. Stacey mccool says:

    Ok what happen to there free supreme 90 day online support or they upgrading there systems cause it’s on on the web

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