Supreme 90 Day 4 – Day 6 Review

Posted: February 27, 2011 in Fitness, Life
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My doubts are now washed away!

I am really enjoying this workout. At this point I do not see much change in my body but my muscles are a bit soar. I am very impressed by the methodology and approach geared toward this workout. The intervals remind me of Insanity but Supreme 90 allows your body to recover for the next cycle. Just when you feel like your are going burn out the workout cycle changes. This keeps you focused on the movements and not the time. Here are my reviews for Day 4 – 6.

Day 4 – Tabata Inferno – Workout: 37:45, Cool Down – 5:57
This was the most intense workout thus far. WOW what a burn. I would compare this workout to Insanity but without the crazy 3 min to 30 sec intervals. The movements where intense but very doable.

Day 5 – Shoulders & Arms – Warm Up: 4:19, Workout: 32:49, Cool Down: 5:57
A very nice upper body workout. I got a nice burn but I could of went heavier on the weights. I will add more weights on the next go round. The sets are similar to P90x shoulders and arm but the movements are completely different. 

Day 6 – Cardio Challenge – Warm Up: 4:19, Workout: 31:06, Cool Down: 5:57
You think sense the workout is called Cardio there would not be any resistance involved, WRONG! Resistance is truly the key to this workout. The resistance fatigues the muscle than the movements change to allow muscle recovery but your heart rate is still high. True workout science for ultimate fat burning. 

Supreme 90 is really impressing me. I have no joint pain. My muscles are recovering. My mental state is happy and I am looking forward to the next workout.

Stay Fit


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