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Supreme 90 Day Available in Stores

Posted: March 19, 2011 in Fitness, Life

Supreme 90 Day is really becoming accessible. I just saw several copies of it at Dick’s Sports. I have heard that Supreme 90 Day is available at most stores that carry “As seen on TV” products. So for my close by neighbors in CedarHill or Arlington Tx go to Dick’s Sports and get you a copy. It only cost $20. Make sure you also purchase a yogoa matt, swiss ball and some dumb-bells. Chose Dumb-bells according to your strength. Beginner Women 3lb, 5lb, 8lb & 10lb. Beginner Men 8lb, 10lb, 15lb, and 20lb. It would be ideal if you purchase the dumb-bells that allow you to change the weight.

Go buy the workout. It works!

Stay Fit!


The Learning Point!

The Learning Point is a phase when Health and Fitness is stressful, challenging, and tiring. There is no improvements in your conditioning and even your body appears to be at a stand still. However, you have grown to understand the importance of fitness and you have learned a lot about yourself. You are aware of what it feels like physically and mentally before and after a workout. Your body and mind is now equip to function with your Fitness Life Style. Take that knowledge and maximize it. You are at your Learning Point. Stick to your fitness plan or better yet modify it. You are growing into that Fit person you desire to be. Fitness is a self improvement journey. A journey in which we all can survive and progress. A journey with several Learning Points.

When you don’t see or feel improvements remember that your knowledge of Fitness is improving. Your self awareness is improving. Just remember that you are at the Learning Point!

I know you are strong and I know you can survive. Stick to it.

Stay Fit!

People ask me to describe the Supreme 90 Day workout. Consumers want to know if Supreme 90 Day is the answer. Is Supreme 90 Day the key to unlock the doors to weight and fat loss. Does Supreme 90 Day produce Results.You know what! Yes, it does. And you know what P90x, Insanity, Taiboe, Turbo Fire, Slim@6, or any other workout plan also produces Results. It is not rocket science or some special mystery. We all want positive Results. We spend our money and we set time in our busy schedule to obtain Results.


With that said, lets do something about it. If you truly desire something. You will do whatever it takes to obtain that very thing you desire that is not currently in your possession. That is why we spend our money and spend our time for fitness. In which leads me to a formula for working out. A formula that works and is heavily dependent on the giver “YOU”.

Technique + Intensity = Results

Technique is a method of accomplishing a desired aim. What is your aim?
Intensity is the quality of energy, zeal, determination, and concentration toward a desired aim. How Bad do you want it?
Results is the consequence, the effect, and/or the conclusion. How does your story end?

Let us now apply this formula to Supreme 90 Day or any other workout plan. First “Technique” we must learn all of the moves to the very detail. This may take time so don’t rush, but it will build your confidence and your ability in your workouts. Second, with knowledge of the moves and confidence in your body. You can increase the Intensity. Now, what would be helpful with gauging your Intensity is to have a Heart Rate Monitor. We all have a built in mental monitor. This monitor will sub-consciously limit your body’s Intensity due to fear, confusion, or reservation. A Heart Rate Monitor will be key, because it will give you a check point, a measuring point to your Intensity level.

I could go on, but I think you should be getting the point.

All in all: Do it right, Give your all, See it work! OR Do it wrong, Give a little, Keep looking!

Day 19: Shoulders and Arms:
My triceps really get worked out on this workout. The biceps are not that far behind. I have increased the weight and lower the reps. I want to get more mass in my arms. I think I went a little to heavy this time, but will decrease next go round.

Day 20: Cardio Challenge:

I really pushed myself this time since I know the moves. I found myself competing with the Lady on the DVD, but she wins every time. LOL ;-). I am going to beat her one day. But she is awesome. I think she must be a robot. 😀 LOL

Day 21: Legs
WOWY! The lounge back and forwards burns like nothing else. This is my challenge workout. This is the only workout I cannot keep up with anyone. But I love a challenge.

Stay Fit!

Your mind is trained, and your body is conditioned. You have adjusted to your workout plan and your nutrition is on point.
Fitness is now listed as a Category under your Life Styles. You are that Fit person friends and family come to for advice.
You are that Fit person that gets stopped by strangers asking if you are a personal trainer and if you would work with them.
Fitness is no longer a thought but the truth of how you live. Fitness was a challenge but now it is embraced. It was a
stranger but now a friend. It was foreign but now a permanent resident in the city of your life.

You are Fitness, and Fitness is You!

Stay Fit!

I Think I’m Going in Circles!

I started Supreme 90 Day thinking that this will be the workout that would take me to the next level. Thinking that this would be the workout that I would see unmistakable results. I am now working on my 3rd week and to be truthful I see some results but not what I expect. Mind you, I put this same stress on me for P90x, Insanity, and many many other workouts. I want results. Isn’t that the reason we work hard and sweat for countless minutes and hours a day. We want to see results. We want to have that figure, that rip, that muscle tone, that definition like never before. I am just not seeing it. Now, let me be honest with you. I have followed the Supreme 90 Day workout plan without missing a day, but I have not followed the nutrition plan. I tried for two days, but just could not keep up with it. Nutrition, Nutrition, Nutrition, is my biggest problem. It was my problem with P90x, and Insanity. I would not commit to the Nutrition Plan. All I am doing is working my body out to burn calories; Than turning right back around refueling it with bad or to much calories. The BIG CIRCLE. All I am doing is going Around and Around; Workout to Workout and getting the same results. NO WHERE!

Supreme 90 Day is an awesome workout. P90x is an awesome workout. Insanity hmmm is an awesome workout, but a little stressful for the body ‘LOL” 😉 All in All they work. They all burn calories. They all get you into physical shape. They all strengthen your body. But they are all limited to what you consume into you body.

From this day forward I pledge to commit to a proper nutrition plan. I will not do the plan that comes with Supreme 90 Day, but I will create a personal plan for myself. I add to my post my daily food intake and will be honest on why, what, and when. I will also take before pictures and body measurements so all can witness my results.

I desire to see results and I am so tired of this BIG CIRCLE. Why work so hard to be in the same place. THE TIME IS NOW.

Day 16: Ultimate Ball
This workout again is awesome. I would compare this workout to P90x Core but the Swill Ball will allows you to penetrate the core muscles. I truly feel my abs getting stronger. P.S. I would just like to see them more.

Day 17: Rest
Guess what, I did just that. I rest. Rest is so important for muscle recovery. Don’t fool yourself and workout extra. Give your body the needed rest.

Day 18: Tabata Inferno
WOW, this workout is getting harder. I know its because I know the moves and can go right into them. This is so close to Insanity but way less stressful on my joints. I almost find myself enjoying this workout.

Stay Fit!

Just do it!

Don’t ponder! Don’t hesitate! Just do it! It will be over before you know it. This is how my wife describes her experience with S90d thus far.

Like me and probably way more, my wife has worked out with P90x, Insanity, Slim@6, Turbo fire, and God only knows what else. I believe she has some true and awesome reviews for each listed workout program.

Cons review
1. P90x – Workouts are too long and too many pushups 
2. Insanity – To much for the working class Mom
3. Slim@6 – Boring

1. P90x – Works if you have time and stick to nutrition 
2. Insanity – Mental Strength 
3. Slim@6 – Easy to follow

Now here is her review on S90d
Cons – Resistance workouts could be longer
Pro – Challenging but achievable

I do agree and understand her reviews. In my experience they all will work if you “Just Do It”. There are pros and cons for any workout plan. Find out what works for you and run with it.

Supreme 90 Day 11 – 15 Day
I usually give a day by day review but I will give an overall view today.

My core is really benefiting from this workout. I can feel and see the difference. At first I was worried about the short workout times but let me describe two benefits.

1. Pacing – There is no such thing with this workout. Since the workout times are not long you will subconciously work harder with each movement knowing that time to complete is right around the corner.

2. Recovery – You will have the energy and durability for the next workout. S90d does not overwork your body.

I am actually a few minutes away from my next workout, Day 16 Ultimate Ball. This will be my 3rd round. I am looking forward in seeing my progress.

Stay Fit!

You get what you give!

S90d workouts are designed for growth. Meaning you should see progress in you physical ability each time you cycle through you allocated workouts. For example, I just completed the 2nd cycle for Chest and Back and Ultimate Ball. I noticed my strength, stamina, and endurance has improved. Granted I am a little familiar with the moves, but I notice that they came with a little ease. Not to say that I mastered the moves but the focus muscles are in tune with the workout.

I am really, I mean really loving the Swiss Ball. My core along is being tested constantly. There are so many workout movements that can be performed on the ball. I know the Swiss Ball will always be apart of my workout regime. The ball allows you to work on the core while focusing on other muscles. Who needs crunches?

I have just completed Day 7 – Day 10. Day 8 was the 2 go round for the workouts.

Day 7 – Legs – Warm Up: 4:19, Workout: 22:51, Cool Down: 5:57
This workout was okay. I was not to impressed with it but I am focused to give it a fair shoot. It was over very quick. I can say that my hamstrings where tight the next day. What that in tells, we will see in the near future. If I would give this workout a grade from 1 – 10. With 10 meaning the best, and 1 meaning busted. I will give it a 5.

Day 8 – Chest and Back – Warm Up 4:19, Workout: 22:14, Cool Down: 5:57
This was my 2nd go round with this workout. My strength, stamina and endurance has improved. I went up 10 pounds on most of the movements. My push ups has increased and my stability on the ball is getting their. After the workout I has the same pump feeling I get when lifting Free Weights. That is a good sign, (at least to me). 🙂

Day 9 – Ultimate Ball – Warm up: 4:19, Workout: 30:33, Cool Down: 5:57
I really love this workout. The core is worked out all over. I am now able to complete most of the moves. I do recommend to do this workout on a soft canvas. I noticed a little wrist pain during the workout from the planks and plank walks.

Day 10 – Rest
My body was ready for some more. But I know the importance of recovery. My mental focus is so set, but the muscles need time to catch up.

Stay Fit!