Supreme 90 Day 7 – Day 10 Review

Posted: March 3, 2011 in Fitness, Life
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You get what you give!

S90d workouts are designed for growth. Meaning you should see progress in you physical ability each time you cycle through you allocated workouts. For example, I just completed the 2nd cycle for Chest and Back and Ultimate Ball. I noticed my strength, stamina, and endurance has improved. Granted I am a little familiar with the moves, but I notice that they came with a little ease. Not to say that I mastered the moves but the focus muscles are in tune with the workout.

I am really, I mean really loving the Swiss Ball. My core along is being tested constantly. There are so many workout movements that can be performed on the ball. I know the Swiss Ball will always be apart of my workout regime. The ball allows you to work on the core while focusing on other muscles. Who needs crunches?

I have just completed Day 7 – Day 10. Day 8 was the 2 go round for the workouts.

Day 7 – Legs – Warm Up: 4:19, Workout: 22:51, Cool Down: 5:57
This workout was okay. I was not to impressed with it but I am focused to give it a fair shoot. It was over very quick. I can say that my hamstrings where tight the next day. What that in tells, we will see in the near future. If I would give this workout a grade from 1 – 10. With 10 meaning the best, and 1 meaning busted. I will give it a 5.

Day 8 – Chest and Back – Warm Up 4:19, Workout: 22:14, Cool Down: 5:57
This was my 2nd go round with this workout. My strength, stamina and endurance has improved. I went up 10 pounds on most of the movements. My push ups has increased and my stability on the ball is getting their. After the workout I has the same pump feeling I get when lifting Free Weights. That is a good sign, (at least to me). 🙂

Day 9 – Ultimate Ball – Warm up: 4:19, Workout: 30:33, Cool Down: 5:57
I really love this workout. The core is worked out all over. I am now able to complete most of the moves. I do recommend to do this workout on a soft canvas. I noticed a little wrist pain during the workout from the planks and plank walks.

Day 10 – Rest
My body was ready for some more. But I know the importance of recovery. My mental focus is so set, but the muscles need time to catch up.

Stay Fit!


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