Supreme 90 Day 16 – Day 18 Review

Posted: March 14, 2011 in Fitness, Life
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I Think I’m Going in Circles!

I started Supreme 90 Day thinking that this will be the workout that would take me to the next level. Thinking that this would be the workout that I would see unmistakable results. I am now working on my 3rd week and to be truthful I see some results but not what I expect. Mind you, I put this same stress on me for P90x, Insanity, and many many other workouts. I want results. Isn’t that the reason we work hard and sweat for countless minutes and hours a day. We want to see results. We want to have that figure, that rip, that muscle tone, that definition like never before. I am just not seeing it. Now, let me be honest with you. I have followed the Supreme 90 Day workout plan without missing a day, but I have not followed the nutrition plan. I tried for two days, but just could not keep up with it. Nutrition, Nutrition, Nutrition, is my biggest problem. It was my problem with P90x, and Insanity. I would not commit to the Nutrition Plan. All I am doing is working my body out to burn calories; Than turning right back around refueling it with bad or to much calories. The BIG CIRCLE. All I am doing is going Around and Around; Workout to Workout and getting the same results. NO WHERE!

Supreme 90 Day is an awesome workout. P90x is an awesome workout. Insanity hmmm is an awesome workout, but a little stressful for the body ‘LOL” 😉 All in All they work. They all burn calories. They all get you into physical shape. They all strengthen your body. But they are all limited to what you consume into you body.

From this day forward I pledge to commit to a proper nutrition plan. I will not do the plan that comes with Supreme 90 Day, but I will create a personal plan for myself. I add to my post my daily food intake and will be honest on why, what, and when. I will also take before pictures and body measurements so all can witness my results.

I desire to see results and I am so tired of this BIG CIRCLE. Why work so hard to be in the same place. THE TIME IS NOW.

Day 16: Ultimate Ball
This workout again is awesome. I would compare this workout to P90x Core but the Swill Ball will allows you to penetrate the core muscles. I truly feel my abs getting stronger. P.S. I would just like to see them more.

Day 17: Rest
Guess what, I did just that. I rest. Rest is so important for muscle recovery. Don’t fool yourself and workout extra. Give your body the needed rest.

Day 18: Tabata Inferno
WOW, this workout is getting harder. I know its because I know the moves and can go right into them. This is so close to Insanity but way less stressful on my joints. I almost find myself enjoying this workout.

Stay Fit!

  1. You are so right about nutrition being a HUGE part of it. I’m not doing the plan it came with either but I am trying to do my own thing correctly. I hope that will give you the results you desire! Good luck!

    • FitnessShock says:

      Nutrition, Nutrition, Nutrition! I am willing to bet, that Nutrition is the majorities arch rival for fitness and the road block for getting maximum results. You see countless people going to the gym, jogging on the road, and buying workout dvds but just not getting the results they desire. Now, if you would ask them about their nutrition they couldn’t begin to tell you or they would have some extreme plan that seems unreal. We got to unlock the doors to Nutrition in which it can fit us personally and we see/feel the results.

      Stay Fit!

  2. Oh and I in no way enjoy Tabata, but I can totally second the fact that it’s getting harder… and I guess I kind of like *that* part of it, it makes me feel so accomplished afterwards but I HATE doing it lol.

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