Supreme 90 Day 19 – Day 21 Review “Results”

Posted: March 17, 2011 in Fitness, Life
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People ask me to describe the Supreme 90 Day workout. Consumers want to know if Supreme 90 Day is the answer. Is Supreme 90 Day the key to unlock the doors to weight and fat loss. Does Supreme 90 Day produce Results.You know what! Yes, it does. And you know what P90x, Insanity, Taiboe, Turbo Fire, Slim@6, or any other workout plan also produces Results. It is not rocket science or some special mystery. We all want positive Results. We spend our money and we set time in our busy schedule to obtain Results.


With that said, lets do something about it. If you truly desire something. You will do whatever it takes to obtain that very thing you desire that is not currently in your possession. That is why we spend our money and spend our time for fitness. In which leads me to a formula for working out. A formula that works and is heavily dependent on the giver “YOU”.

Technique + Intensity = Results

Technique is a method of accomplishing a desired aim. What is your aim?
Intensity is the quality of energy, zeal, determination, and concentration toward a desired aim. How Bad do you want it?
Results is the consequence, the effect, and/or the conclusion. How does your story end?

Let us now apply this formula to Supreme 90 Day or any other workout plan. First “Technique” we must learn all of the moves to the very detail. This may take time so don’t rush, but it will build your confidence and your ability in your workouts. Second, with knowledge of the moves and confidence in your body. You can increase the Intensity. Now, what would be helpful with gauging your Intensity is to have a Heart Rate Monitor. We all have a built in mental monitor. This monitor will sub-consciously limit your body’s Intensity due to fear, confusion, or reservation. A Heart Rate Monitor will be key, because it will give you a check point, a measuring point to your Intensity level.

I could go on, but I think you should be getting the point.

All in all: Do it right, Give your all, See it work! OR Do it wrong, Give a little, Keep looking!

Day 19: Shoulders and Arms:
My triceps really get worked out on this workout. The biceps are not that far behind. I have increased the weight and lower the reps. I want to get more mass in my arms. I think I went a little to heavy this time, but will decrease next go round.

Day 20: Cardio Challenge:

I really pushed myself this time since I know the moves. I found myself competing with the Lady on the DVD, but she wins every time. LOL ;-). I am going to beat her one day. But she is awesome. I think she must be a robot. šŸ˜€ LOL

Day 21: Legs
WOWY! The lounge back and forwards burns like nothing else. This is my challenge workout. This is the only workout I cannot keep up with anyone. But I love a challenge.

Stay Fit!

  1. Sonya says:

    Hey ,
    I just wanted to say Thanks for the reviews, they are really informative and helpful. My boyfriend and I just received our program a few days ago as well and we plan to start the workout on Monday. I like your thought perspective and how you took the time to describe how you felt not only physically but mentally as well. The whole fitness game is such a big mind game, well that along with the nutrition. Well I’ll be back again soon to check on you. As I like to say. “You have to DO IT, to BE IT.
    Take Care,


  3. Anonymous says:

    It seems to work, im sore all over.

  4. says:

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