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DOWN BUT NOT OUT!Wow, it’s has been about a month since I last posted about my Supreme 90 Day journey. I wish I could tell you that all is going great and I am on point to complete the workout plan, but unfortunately I cannot claim that. For the past month I have been wrestling with focus and life. It has nothing to do with the S90Day workout, but it has a lot to do with me internally. You must understand that fitness is my life. Fitness is a life style. It is not a quick fix, a over night diet, or even a simple formula. Fitness is a physical, mental, and spiritual understanding of who you currently are by being in constant motion towards where you want to be.

I have still being doing the S90Day workouts but not consecutive enough to blog or post reviews to benefit anyone who is interested in the product or in fitness. I want this blog to be helpful and motivating to all who read its. So honesty has to be applied in order to assure that this review will be a benefit for someone.

With that said: I am back, but I was never gone from S90Day. So, what day should I start blogging on? Hmmmmmm, I will start blogging on Day 90 lol. No, I have decided to retract back to Day 31. So, my next post will be my review on day 31, and  I will also post my Day 1 pic and a current pic so you can see my physically condition.

Stay Fit!