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My Wife’s Blog on Tabata Inferno!

Either you want it or you don’t

That’s what my glutes, thighs, core and arms kept screaming throughout the Tabata Inferno workout.

Either you want it or you don’t!

Through the jump lunges, either you want a tight butt or you don’t. Through the deadly blurpees, either you want a toned core or you don’t. Through the painful mountain climbers, either you want chiseled thighs or you don’t!

This week I made up my mind that in order to have the body that I want, I have to  lace up my shoes and get to work.

  • First, I assessed where I was…..Overweight! (by my standards anyway)
  • Second, I took note of why I had failed so many times before. Besides I had just about every workout program none to man. But time after time, I start, get bored and I stop. Well, this week all of those programs came in handy. To combat my boredom, I did a different workout everyday.

Hence the post for today. This morning I asked my husband what workout he was doing and he said it was the “Inferno” day. Man ooh man! What a burn! When it was all over I burned a little over 500 calories! I will definitely put this in the rotation!

So I will say it again, either you want that hot body or you don’t!

The choice is yours!

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Stay Fit!


What do you want out of life? How do you want to feel internally and externally day in and day out? Do you accomplish the goals you set daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly? Do you seek after your passions and dreams? Do you have a burning, a strong desire to do or to achieve something that requires hard work and determination?

“Without ambition one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing. The prize will not be sent to you. You have to win it. The man who knows how will always have a job. The man who also knows why will always be his boss. ” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Go and possess your Dreams! Be determined, be relentless, and persevere. Know without a doubt what you desire, Be without a doubt what you desire, and Work without a doubt what you desire.

Day 41 – Cardio Challenge

My overall conditioning is really improving. Cardio Challenge is still a challenge because this workout is not built on reps or sets. It is based on time intervals of 30 seconds. So there is no end to what you can do. I will start writing down the number of reps I complete for each exercise. This will allow me to measure my conditioning. So I can set goals for the next day for Cardio Challenge.

Stay Fit!

Stopping is NOT an Option!

The fear of failure and the confidence needed to overcome obstacles hinders millions today from achieving their fitness goals. We are intimidated by the inter knowledge of ourselves frighten to take on fitness because of past experiences and present circumstances. Simply put, “WE ARE SCARED TO FAIL”!

Even if you fall flat on your face, at least you are moving forward! Sue Luke

Allow me to encourage you to fight against this inter demon “FEAR”. The only way to win is to show up for the fight. Keep on moving forward with your Fitness Plan. Do not allow obstacles, compromises, disappointments, shackles, and road blocks; Get you down and cause you to STOP!

Stand, Recognize, Learn and Keep moving Forward. Stopping is NOT and Option!

Day 39: Rest – I did rest. My allergies and sinuses are kicking my butt.

Day 40: Legs – WOW my legs are burning as I type. Those front and back lounges are no joke. What an awesome leg workout Tom created. Compared to P90x leg: This workout is much shorter, but P90x does include the back. In which is great if you want to only focus on the legs. I will continue to use the Supreme 90 Day Legs workout even when my 90 days are up.

Stay Fit!

If you find yourself saying: I don’t feel like working out today, I am to tired to workout, I just do not have the energy, or I am just going to skip my workout for today. You are going through a “Burn Out”!

Burnout – State of being bored or tired with exercise, frequently the result of overtraining or unvaried workouts.

Doing the same old workout routine, the same old DVDs, or the same exercises will burn you out. Your workouts get repetitive and will soon cause you to go insane. Supreme 90 Days and P90x offers a variety of workouts with resistance, intensity, and diversity in which for most cases defeats the “Burn Out”. However even with Supreme 90 Day and P90x you can suffer Burn Outs as well. It is also important to set measuring goals because “Results”, and “Progress” destroys the “Burn Out” majorly. Tell me what can be more motivating to overcome a Burn Out:

  1. Knowing that you have lost 5lb-10lb
  2. Knowing that you can wear some clothing that you could not wear a few weeks ago.

With the personal knowledge that a workout is working and with the results to prove it will trump a “Burn Out” hands down. Your body is smart and will adapt slowing done progress. The results are just not happening and “Burn Out” is knocking on your door. This is when its time to add variety to you workout. It is time to be creative and challenge yourself. Change your workout times to AM instead of PM.

If you are in the progress of completing a workout plan like P90x, Insanity, or Supreme 90 Day make sure you post the final day on your mirror in the bathroom, refrigerator, in your car, or even at work. The final day is your measuring point and shows progress. My favorite remedy for the “Burn Out” is to mix up workouts. Here is an example week for me.

MondayAM: Jog – PM: Supreme 90 Day Chest/Shoulders/Arms

TuesdayAM: Insanity Max Cardio – PM: P90x Legs & Back

WednesdayAM: Jog/Supreme 90 Day Tabata – PM: Rest

ThursdayAM: Jog/Supreme 90 Ultimate Ball – PM: P90x Arms

Etc….You get it?

I also develop my own workouts to add more spice and variety. Beware “Burn Outs” will come just be prepared.

Stay Fit!

Working Out = Releasing Stress

There are so many benefits from working out: Stronger muscles, Slimmer Body, More Energy, and a Stronger Immune System. But working out is a great for Stress. Working out will distract you from your source of stress and improve your mood. It will also relax and re-energize your body.

Fitness is an important part of living. Living is moving and being active with your body. Your body needs the activity and will pay you greatly. Enjoy the benefits from working out and distress yourself.

Day 37 – Tabata Inferno

Be ready for HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) for 20-seconds, than rest for 10-seconds with a 1-minute break after 2 to 4 cycles pending on the moves. This is the workout in Supreme 90 Day to shed the fat and burn the calories. I would compare this workout to Insanity. Your body is the main resistance, so it requires maximum effort. There are some movements in which dumbbells are utilized but believe me they are not needed. It is one of those workouts you hate, but love when you are finished.

Embrace the challenge and Expect Results.

Stay Fit!

Look at it, See it, and Become it.

I want to loose weight. I want to get into shape. I want to trim up. I want to get back into my favorite jeans. I want to look and feel good. I want to be healthy. I want a six-pack.


Discipline is remembering what you want – David Campbell

I ask myself daily, “What do you want out of this day”. This question releases the energy needed to remind and focus the mind on the required task for accomplishments. Remind yourself every moment you can on the things you want.

Put up pictures, write notes, hang signs, lock it into your mind; Do what ever you can to REMEMBER. Know in you mind, and in you heart what you want and where you want to be. Manifest that knowing into a physical or mental visual aid to assist you in your journey. Look at it, See it, and Become it.

Day 36 – Back and Bi

What a nice pump you get from this workout. The core work done in the beginning really gets your Heart Rate kicking into high gear. What helps me during this workout is to focus on the muscle(s) that you are working. Concentrating on the very fibers of the muscle helps me to utilize only that muscle when I am training.

Coming soon: I will post before and after pics. My weight has not changed much. I started this workout at 252lbs, now I am 242lbs. I am seeing a lot of definition.

Stay Fit!

Off Track/On Track 

We all have good days in Fitness and we also have our bad
 days. Some days we are totally On Track and some we are way Off Track.
 One day we workout great and eat excellent; The next day we don’t even put
up an effort or even a fight. That’s okay, because that’s life! But, don’t stay Off Track, recognize where you are and where you want to be; Than get back On
Track. Whenever this happens to you, say to yourself “Off Track / On
Track”. Transform your thinking, and you will transform your Fitness.

Day 35 Cardio Challenge:

This workout is so close to Insanity but so different. It is also similar to P90x CardioX but a more intense. It is so smart to use Dumbells during cardio. My arms and shoulders get an awesome burn. If you wear a heart rate monitor you will notice how smartly intense this workout is.

Stay Fit!