Supreme 90 Day 31 – Nutrition

Posted: May 11, 2011 in Fitness, Life
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Today was Ultimate Ball. What a amazingly different workout. This workout does not burn a lot of calories but it burns the core muscles. Utilization of the Swiss Ball or some call it a Stability Ball, is totally on point. The core is really put to work. The work however does not stress you out like other workouts.

I do see major progress in my ab strength. I am also seeing some definition in my abs. S90Day is becoming my favorite DVD workout. I know I will continue to use the DVDs even after the 90 Days.

My only down fall is nutrition. It is amazing how difficult it is to follow something so simple, even with the knowledge that the outcome is positive. Why? If I had the answers I would be a wealthy man. People all over the world struggle day to day trying to overcome the pit falls of bad nutrition that leads to obesity, disease, depression, and social seclusion. It is so simple but so hard. It is so easy but so challenging. We are trained or better yet brain washed to look at food as a social item, an emotional gadget, and a  time passer. Everywhere we turn media has setup traps to lure us in to make bad choices with our nutrition. What must we do?

I will find out, and believe me once I do you will be the first to know. So until than, Stay Positive, Stay Focus, and Stay Fit!

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