Supreme 90 Day 32 – Density Training

Posted: May 12, 2011 in Fitness, Life
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Stubborn Fat, Muffin Top, Baby Fat, Belly Fat, Shaggy Arms, Firm Up, Tighten Up, etc… These are the phrases or better yet the reasons why we start our Fitness journey. We all have been there in our closed areas looking in the mirror and saying if I could only loose this love handle, if only I could loose the FAT around my thighs, I need to firm my arms up, my butt is too droopy, etc… It all points back to the dreaded body part we all hate, “FAT“. To much FAT changes and covers our true physical identity. We all want to loose the FAT, OK, I know and I do understand (Believe Me). This desire to loose the FAT lead me to discover a form of working out, in which is applied somewhat in the Supreme 90 Day workouts. I tried it on yesterday during my Chest/Shoulders/Tri workout and WOW it made a difference. Now I am not saying S90D does not work or that it needs my tweaks. S90d is a great workout, but the human body is smart and will adapt. Once the body adapts, progress slows and results come far, and less. Put it like this the body needs challenges in order to respond with change.

What I am doing to tweak my S90D workouts is applying the Density Training Method.

What is Density training? The amount of work you do in a given amount of time during a training session. More density means more work in the same amount of time (reps, sets, etc..) or same amount of work in less time. Neuromuscular activation is in high gear, and burning the “FAT“. Body is now challenge, in which body is now changing.

Here is how I added Density Training during the Chest/Shoulders/Tri workout. For each cycle, focused muscle, or set. I mentally remember the amount of weight I used and the amount of reps I completed. Than for the 2nd set I increased the weight about 15% – 30% and increased the reps by 2. Than for the 3rd set I increased the weight again, and the reps.

For example:

Stability Ball Sited Shoulder Press

  1. 8 reps /15lbs
  2. 10 reps / 20lbs
  3. 12 reps/ 25lbs

Push Ups

  1. 12 reps
  2. 15 reps
  3. 20 reps

Get it! All I am doing is challenging each cycled set by slightly increasing the weight and reps. My body definitely noticed, and amazingly responded. Today is a rest day for me, but I will see how I can add some Density to the work out tomorrow.

Stay Fit!


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