Working Out = Releasing Stress

There are so many benefits from working out: Stronger muscles, Slimmer Body, More Energy, and a Stronger Immune System. But working out is a great for Stress. Working out will distract you from your source of stress and improve your mood. It will also relax and re-energize your body.

Fitness is an important part of living. Living is moving and being active with your body. Your body needs the activity and will pay you greatly. Enjoy the benefits from working out and distress yourself.

Day 37 – Tabata Inferno

Be ready for HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) for 20-seconds, than rest for 10-seconds with a 1-minute break after 2 to 4 cycles pending on the moves. This is the workout in Supreme 90 Day to shed the fat and burn the calories. I would compare this workout to Insanity. Your body is the main resistance, so it requires maximum effort. There are some movements in which dumbbells are utilized but believe me they are not needed. It is one of those workouts you hate, but love when you are finished.

Embrace the challenge and Expect Results.

Stay Fit!


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