If you find yourself saying: I don’t feel like working out today, I am to tired to workout, I just do not have the energy, or I am just going to skip my workout for today. You are going through a “Burn Out”!

Burnout – State of being bored or tired with exercise, frequently the result of overtraining or unvaried workouts.

Doing the same old workout routine, the same old DVDs, or the same exercises will burn you out. Your workouts get repetitive and will soon cause you to go insane. Supreme 90 Days and P90x offers a variety of workouts with resistance, intensity, and diversity in which for most cases defeats the “Burn Out”. However even with Supreme 90 Day and P90x you can suffer Burn Outs as well. It is also important to set measuring goals because “Results”, and “Progress” destroys the “Burn Out” majorly. Tell me what can be more motivating to overcome a Burn Out:

  1. Knowing that you have lost 5lb-10lb
  2. Knowing that you can wear some clothing that you could not wear a few weeks ago.

With the personal knowledge that a workout is working and with the results to prove it will trump a “Burn Out” hands down. Your body is smart and will adapt slowing done progress. The results are just not happening and “Burn Out” is knocking on your door. This is when its time to add variety to you workout. It is time to be creative and challenge yourself. Change your workout times to AM instead of PM.

If you are in the progress of completing a workout plan like P90x, Insanity, or Supreme 90 Day make sure you post the final day on your mirror in the bathroom, refrigerator, in your car, or even at work. The final day is your measuring point and shows progress. My favorite remedy for the “Burn Out” is to mix up workouts. Here is an example week for me.

MondayAM: Jog – PM: Supreme 90 Day Chest/Shoulders/Arms

TuesdayAM: Insanity Max Cardio – PM: P90x Legs & Back

WednesdayAM: Jog/Supreme 90 Day Tabata – PM: Rest

ThursdayAM: Jog/Supreme 90 Ultimate Ball – PM: P90x Arms

Etc….You get it?

I also develop my own workouts to add more spice and variety. Beware “Burn Outs” will come just be prepared.

Stay Fit!

  1. pec workouts says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I truly appreciate your efforts and I will
    be waiting for your further post thank you once again.

  2. I’m starting Supreme 90 today and read you use to box.
    That being said, can I do 5-7 rounds of bag work on my rest/off days or will it hinder gains?
    I like Supreme 90 better than P90X and even Rushfit.
    The bag is just to maintain.
    Thanks for response.

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