Stopping is NOT an Option!

The fear of failure and the confidence needed to overcome obstacles hinders millions today from achieving their fitness goals. We are intimidated by the inter knowledge of ourselves frighten to take on fitness because of past experiences and present circumstances. Simply put, “WE ARE SCARED TO FAIL”!

Even if you fall flat on your face, at least you are moving forward! Sue Luke

Allow me to encourage you to fight against this inter demon “FEAR”. The only way to win is to show up for the fight. Keep on moving forward with your Fitness Plan. Do not allow obstacles, compromises, disappointments, shackles, and road blocks; Get you down and cause you to STOP!

Stand, Recognize, Learn and Keep moving Forward. Stopping is NOT and Option!

Day 39: Rest – I did rest. My allergies and sinuses are kicking my butt.

Day 40: Legs – WOW my legs are burning as I type. Those front and back lounges are no joke. What an awesome leg workout Tom created. Compared to P90x leg: This workout is much shorter, but P90x does include the back. In which is great if you want to only focus on the legs. I will continue to use the Supreme 90 Day Legs workout even when my 90 days are up.

Stay Fit!


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