My Wife’s Blog on Tabata Inferno!

Either you want it or you don’t

That’s what my glutes, thighs, core and arms kept screaming throughout the Tabata Inferno workout.

Either you want it or you don’t!

Through the jump lunges, either you want a tight butt or you don’t. Through the deadly blurpees, either you want a toned core or you don’t. Through the painful mountain climbers, either you want chiseled thighs or you don’t!

This week I made up my mind that in order to have the body that I want, I have to  lace up my shoes and get to work.

  • First, I assessed where I was…..Overweight! (by my standards anyway)
  • Second, I took note of why I had failed so many times before. Besides I had just about every workout program none to man. But time after time, I start, get bored and I stop. Well, this week all of those programs came in handy. To combat my boredom, I did a different workout everyday.

Hence the post for today. This morning I asked my husband what workout he was doing and he said it was the “Inferno” day. Man ooh man! What a burn! When it was all over I burned a little over 500 calories! I will definitely put this in the rotation!

So I will say it again, either you want that hot body or you don’t!

The choice is yours!

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