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Fitness is the only time when being a bully is okay. It is okay to sneer and know that you have the power to overcome any fitness obstacle. It is okay to have an arrogant, confident, and tenacious attitude in your fitness journey. Being the fitness bully will allow you to push and move any opposing force. You are faced day after day with opposing forces attempting to hinder or stop you from being the fit person you desire. Obstacles and opposing forces comes in many forms. We see them daily at work, at school, at the gym, and even in our homes. We just have to be conscious and aware that there is an opposition out there seeking to destroy your fitness plan. It is not time to be pushed around, but it is time to push off, push on, and press upon those opposing forces in order to achieve your daily, monthly, or yearly fitness goals. Say to yourself:

  • I am an overcomer
  • I am consciously aware
  • I am confident
  • I am tenacious
  • I press
  • I fight
  • I push
  • I am a fitness bully

Supreme 90 Day 61-64

I am in my last 30 days and I am really enjoying this ride. I feel so powerful. Yes, physically but really I feel powerful mentally. Supreme 90 Day has truly strengthened my mental game. I can’t wait until last day to celebrate, but also to push off to the next fitness ride.

In my last post I stated that my next post was going to be Part II to “Competition and #1 Fan”. But I had to get this post off my chest. Thanks for reading.

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Awesome Lower Body workout. Check it out. Thanks Fitappy!

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Here is my latest workout video. It's fairly easy if you take all 3 rest periods. However, if you can, try to keep those rests below 20-30 sec. – to intensify your workout.  If it's too easy for some of you, simply pick up heavier weights and do  the set again. If it's still too easy, do all the squats, lunges and jumps (including sumo and skaters) with weights. I hope you'll sweat enough and feel the workout in your butt and legs the next day 🙂 … Read More

via FITAPPY Fitness

Recently, I witnessed the Dallas Mavericks winning the 2011 NBA Championship. In game 2, Dallas was down 12 points with 7:13 seconds left in the game. Dewayne Wade hits a 3 pointer right in front of the Mavericks bench. Miami begins to celebrate like the game was over. Despite of the current situation, despite of the score, and despite of the odds, the Mavericks came back and won the game. Yes, the Mavericks were down in points due to the team’s offensive and defensive efforts but they kept a relentless attitude. The Mavericks were up for the challenge and would not give in to their competition.

I have come to recognize that there are two companions that accompany us on our fitness journey. In this blog, we are going to focus on companion 1. Companion 1 is our biggest competitor. Lets call him, “Challenge”. Webster defines competitor in one word, “rival”. Rival is one that strives for competitive advantage. Ask yourself these two questions:

  1. Who is my competition?
  2. Who has the advantage?

The Mavericks were in a hole with all odds against them and time was not on their side. They were not performing they way the knew they could and Miami appeared to have the competitive advantage. The challenge was before them.

In our fitness journey, we are faced with the same challenge in every workout. The only exception is that we do not have a Dewayne Wade or LeBron James to face. We do not have an opposing team striving to have the advantage. What we are facing and rivaling against is our biggest competitor, “Ourselves”. Each and every time we workout should be a challenge for us to be better than the last workout. Self-challenge is our companion and our motivator to excel. This rivalry is never ending. The advantage will swing back and forth but it will bring out the best in us. Every movement, every exercise, every rep, and set should be a competitive self-challenge. We should have the same tenacity and relentless attitude like the Mavericks. Challenge is our competitive companion motivating us to do and be better than were before.

Supreme 90 Day Review Day 55 – 60:

My strength, knowledge, and conditioning are at its best now. Supreme 90 Day has been an excellent workout. I have 30 days left but I know that this workout is beyond 90 days. I will always utilize Supreme 90 Day workouts as part of my fitness journey. The only thing I have not committed to for this workout is the nutrition plan. For the last 30 Days, I am going to focus more on the nutrition.

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Look at it, See it, and Be it

Discipline is remembering what you want – David Campbell

In our fitness journey we tend to lose focus and forget that very reason why we started the journey. By losing that focus we begin to slip away and undermine the discipline required to be successful. Ask yourself these 5 questions:

  1. Why did I start this fitness journey?
  2. What do I need to be successful?
  3. What are my oppositions?
  4. Where do I want to be and when?
  5. What is my motivation?

We must remember these questions and our answers daily. We must have visual aids to remind us and to keep us focused. Put up pictures, write notes, hang signs, do whatever you can to REMEMBER! You must know in your mind and in your heart what you want and desire. Manifest that knowing into a visual aid. Transform that visual aid from virtual to reality. Look at it, See it, and Be it.

Supreme 90 Day 51-54:

Core Dynamics, Cardio Challenge, Total Body, and Core Dynamics (again). These past four days was unbelievable. I was definitely challenged in all ways.  My body and mind were at war. I fought through it and persevered. But to be honest, I am looking forward to my rest day. I have Cardio Challenge tomorrow, than rest on Sunday for Father’s Day. Happy Father’s Day to ME!

Stay Fit!


Exhaustion, muscle tightness, rapid heartbeat, and sweating profusely describe the physical nature of two things that comes to mind.

1. You are having a panic attack.


2. You are working out with Supreme 90 Day Total Body.

Well, for me it was the later. The entire time I was working out, I felt like I was having a panic attack because I realized that I was forgetting to breathe. Yes, I would forget to breathe. If you are wondering how someone could forget to do such a simple task, it is easier than you think. When working out you sometimes find yourself holding your breath, especially during resistance movements. Mentally you brace yourself to take on weight against gravity, you take a deep breath, you do the movement, you complete the movement, and your set is finish. Guess what, you forgot to breath out. Breathing in is very important for oxygen intake to muscles, but breathing out is just as important for carbon release. The next time you workout remember breathing is a part of the workout. What I do is match my breaths with the exercise. For example during squats, I breathe out when squatting down, and breathe in when squatting up. This may be challenging in the beginning, but you will notice later during the workout you will have more energy to complete.

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This weekend I came across a passage that used the word “Observe”. The author utilized the word in a way to remind the user to pay close attention and learn. In our fitness journey, we tend to focus on getting the job done. This is not a bad thing but there is more available to you than, “Just Doing It”. When we workout we should always make it a point to observe. We should pay close attention to our exercises, our movements, how we are performing and what we can do to improve.  Place yourself under observation and learn how you can make your next workout better. Take out time during or after your workouts to write out your completed sets, reps, resistance and time. Do a self-analysis on your performance. Write down how you felt before, during and after your workout.  Observing and documenting your workouts will improve your performance and will produce positive results for your fitness journey.

Day 47 – Tabata Inferno – I really felt good after this workout. Of course, I was physically worn to pieces but mentally I felt awesome. My resistance and reps are increasing for the allocated times. I am seeing improvements overall.

Stay Fit!

Try Try Try Again!

There is a saying I remember hearing when I was in grade school. It went something like this….”If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try, again.”

In my adolescent years this saying was used to inspire and instill perseverance. This morning while working out via Supreme 90 Day Ultimate Ball this old saying came back to mind. Ultimate Ball utilizes the stability ball, or as some like to call it, an exercise ball, for the duration of the workout. Your core strength and balance is being work beyond measure. I struggled in an unbelievable way today. My feet would not stay on the ball. At one point while doing knee tucks, I found myself slipping, sliding, and headed to an embarrassing crash on the floor. While laughing at myself, the old grade school saying came to mind. “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try, again.” Tickled but focused, I climbed back on the ball and continued the workout.

Every workout will not be perfect, and every exercise will have its challenges. There will be difficulty and you will struggle. Frederick Douglas put it best with this quote, “If there is no struggle, there is no progress”.

When those difficult and imperfect times come, whether you are beginning a new workout plan, in the middle of working out, or falling off an exercise ball, know that you are going to struggle! But remember your struggling will pay off. You will progress and grow but only if you try, try, try, again.

Day 45 Review – Ultimate Ball is the best core workout that I have done that does not have standard sit-ups. Warning: If you are sweaty, be sure to have a towel to wipe the ball off. If you don’t you will slip and fall. Believe me I know, LOL!

Stay Fit!