There are days when you just do not feel up to working out. Your mind and body are in war. The mind is disabling your body with mental excuses. The body is waring the mind with signs of fatigue and physical stress. We all have to face this war. It happens to the beginners and to the elite.  What can one do to overcome and defeat the battle of Mind and Body in this War of Fitness.

One strategy I use and is highly recommended by tons of fitness experts is to possess something that energizes you. This something can be a goal, a picture, a training partner, or even a Personal Trainer. Anything you can use in your Fitness journey to activate, awake, provoke, recharge, and inspire you to get up and move. We all need a jump start sometimes. Utilize anything you can come up with to give you that spark. Everyday will not be perfect but Everyday can be successful.

Day 44 – Cardio Challenge

I had a good workout. It was not great. Some of the sets I could not even finish, but that is ok. It has been a busy week for me at work and with my family. All in all I turned the tv on, popped in the DVD, and went to work. I think I may be hitting a wall mentally but I will press pass this stage. Wish me luck.

Stay Fit!


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