Supreme 90 Day 47 Review – Observation

Posted: June 13, 2011 in Fitness, Life
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This weekend I came across a passage that used the word “Observe”. The author utilized the word in a way to remind the user to pay close attention and learn. In our fitness journey, we tend to focus on getting the job done. This is not a bad thing but there is more available to you than, “Just Doing It”. When we workout we should always make it a point to observe. We should pay close attention to our exercises, our movements, how we are performing and what we can do to improve.  Place yourself under observation and learn how you can make your next workout better. Take out time during or after your workouts to write out your completed sets, reps, resistance and time. Do a self-analysis on your performance. Write down how you felt before, during and after your workout.  Observing and documenting your workouts will improve your performance and will produce positive results for your fitness journey.

Day 47 – Tabata Inferno – I really felt good after this workout. Of course, I was physically worn to pieces but mentally I felt awesome. My resistance and reps are increasing for the allocated times. I am seeing improvements overall.

Stay Fit!


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