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A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. – Lo-Tzu

Journeys are inspired and started because of a dream. There is an unusual ambition to fulfill a specific goal. There is an inspiring idea, a thought to be at a place or in a state, which you so passionately desire. All you can see is the end result. You can see the target. The target is so perfectly stitched into your mind. You can feel the overwhelming sensation of accomplishment. Adrenaline and fear overcomes your body with thoughts of failure, difficulties, and success. The only thing you can clearly see is an image of yourself fulfilling that dream. All of your being desires to be there. There is a thirstiness that can only be quenched by the refreshing taste of success. The dream is now a virtual reality in your mind. All you have to do is take the first step and begin your journey.

A few months ago I was inspired to start a journey to accomplish and complete Supreme 90 Day. I had that same desire described above. I saw the infomercials and new that I wanted to take on this task. We all have our reasons and causes for starting a fitness journey. Mine’s was first to challenge my body. I wanted to see if Supreme 90 Day was as good as the infomercial stated. I mean come on, who does not want a 6 pack in 90 days. Being a P90x and Insanity graduate my second reason was to compare the work and see if I could add Supreme 90 Day to my wall of accomplishments. Supreme 90 Day definitely has my approval and will be always welcomed to ride along with me in my fitness journey.

All I have is a 3 days left to be at that target.  72 hours to obtain my trophy. 4320 minutes before I can exhale. I will enjoy and cherish that moment. I will even reward myself. But deep in my mind I know that my fitness journey is not over. Supreme 90 Day was just another step in my thousand-mile journey.

Stay Fit!


In order to be you must do then you shall have. – Dewayne Malone

The search is over. Life as you want it has now began. You live in the present with a strong grasp on what you want in the future. Every moment you possess is a moment utilized to be, to do, and to have. Your focus is so distinct that the present you is consumed by visions of who you will be.  You shall have, because you do in order to be. It doesn’t matter what the task is. It doesn’t matter if you have to deny your current state. It doesn’t matter if you have to go alone. The goal is to have and the task is to do because you want to be. You want to exist like never before. You want to live like never before. You want to be like never before. Life as you want it has now began. Each day is a new day, each hour is a new hour, and each moment is a new moment to be, to do, and to have.

Stay Fit! 

Why do people focus completely on the scale and pay little to no attention to their muscle? The scale is over rated and muscle is under appreciated. The scale is worshiped as the key to progress and success; while muscle is overlooked and disregarded. There is a constant bombarding from the media with weight loss programs, weight loss supplements, and weight loss diets. I saw a commercial the other day stating that you can lose 30lbs in 30 days if you take this magic pill. So it is easy to be influenced and brain washed into worshipping the scale. Yes, it feels awesome when you place your feet on the mighty scale and see a decrease in your weight. Yes, it is easy and a simple process to measure fitness on the scale in some degree. What you should know is that when you weight yourself you are weighing fat, bone, water, and muscle. All four components of the body plus organs make up your body weight. So what are you really losing when the weight decreases on the scale? Is it fat, water, or muscle? What we should want and aim to lose is “FAT” but our goal should be to gain, build, and maintain muscle. Muscle not only looks good, but it is an active body component that burns calories. The more lean muscle you have, the more calories burned during and way after workouts. A pound of muscle occupies less space than a pound of fat. Which means you could weight the same or more but is smaller in size. Tom Venuto says it best, “Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but let’s face it – muscle looks better than fat”.

Let me some it up, focusing only on the scale will you lead too inconsistent and disappointing results; focusing on lean muscle and less body fat will lead you to a body that consistently burns and produce positive results.

There are ways to measure lean body mass and body fat. I will blog on the subjects in the near future.

Supreme 90 Day 78 – 80

I have 10 more workouts left. I am excited but in limbo on what I will do next. There is a good chance that I will do a round 2 for Supreme 90 Day. Also, I am interested in Beachbody Asylum workout, My FitnessShock HIIT workout, or P90x. I don’t know but definitely want some type of resistance. How about you comment and offer some suggestions.

Stay Fit!


Unsuccessful results equal positive feedback for success and success is gained by the repeated usage of that feedback. Don’t count it as a bad workout when you do not get the results you want. Don’t count it a loss for nutrition when you don’t see or feel a difference in your body. Every nutritional plan, and every workout offers positive feedback for success. Each day in fitness is a building block towards the steps required to meet and obtain your fitness goal. Learn from your results, store your results in memory, journal your results, analyze your results and grow from your results. Failure does not exists in fitness; there is only feedback.

Stay Fit!

My Uncle Bo defines excuses as “A Bunch of Patch up lies”! That statement seems kind of harsh but in some cases it is so true. It’s the attempt for self-justification, the act of making excuse for oneself. Yes, there are challenges starting a fitness journey and it is very challenging to change and break bad habits. Consistency and perseverance are hard to find for every workout. However, these difficulties doesn’t give us an excuse to stop or for some of us to start our fitness journey.

The time is now to stop looking for excuses on why you can’t but look for solutions for why you can. Live a life of expectancy, a life full of solutions. All of us want to be successful in our fitness journey, but the successful will only be the ones that reject excuses and expect solutions.

Supreme 90 Day 74 – 77

I am so strong now. My mental strength has increased so much. Supreme 90 day has been a nice guide on how to workout but also it has guided my mental game. I am so amped for my next fitness journey but I will enjoy this ride until the last day.

Stay Fit!

I heard an awesome lesson today regarding the subject quitting. The lesson was so on point and inspiring. It was titled, “When you want to call it Quits”. What I learned is that we will face in our lives obstacles, negativity, brokenness, heartaches, pain, suffering and God knows what else. Everything will not go the way you want it. Every idea, fitness plan, workout and strategy you set before yourself will not fall in all the right places and be exactly how you dreamed it. There will be times of loneliness, disappointments, discouragement, and confusion. Everyone you thought that would support you is either unreliable or unavailable. At this point you feel as if the only option you have is to quit, give up, or throw in the towel. You ask yourself why am I doing this. Why isn’t anything going the way I thought it would. You say to yourself, I planned it all out but I have yet to see results.

At this point you are face to face with two options:

1.     The easiest “Quit”

2.     The hardest “Last”

I could continue this post with encouraging words, motivational thoughts, and creative phrases to inspire you to keep going. I could google the word quit and locate you a step by step plan on how to not be a quitter. That is not my goal for this post. What I want you to take from this post as I from the lesson is that:


Supreme 90 Day 70-73

I can see my abs now. LOL! Supreme 90 Day you Rock! I really want to post my before and after pics but I am too critical. Maybe one day before the 90 days are up, I will post them. All I have is 17 days left, than on to the next fitness journey.

 Stay Fit!

Happiness is the outcome of learning to love what you have while loving to learn what you don’t have.

Did you know that you are wonderfully made? Did you know that every inch of your body is a beautiful creation? Did you know that you have a right to be happy? You have a right to be joyous, blissful, and glad. What do you have? There are so many things you can list but today lets just focus on one important thing. You! You are blessed! You are living and you are beautiful. Do not give media and outside sources the power to steal your happiness by saying that you are too fat or that your body is not good enough. Do not neglect your freedom to be happy and joyous. You are anxious and enthusiastic about being you.  You are blissful and excited that you’re experiencing a life full of pleasures and delight. You look forward to new endeavors while enjoying your current journey. You learn day after day special things about yourself that you love. You love to learn day after day special things that you desire.

Happiness is more than just a choice. Happiness is a God given right. Assume your position in life and be happy.

Stay Fit!