Cheers, shouting, applause, screams, and high fives are all game time characteristics of a true fan. No matter how down their team is or how ahead the true fan will consistently hold true to their game time character. No point deferential, no deficit, high or low a fan will always have hope. Even when facing a lost nothing can change the mindset of a #1 Fan. Athletes at all levels in a wide range of sports can testify to the power of a #1 Fan.

 The question I ask you today is: Who is your #1 fan?

You are asking yourself why would I have or need a fan. Who in their right mind would admire me and be enthusiastic about it. Some of you might be able to answer quickly who your fans are, but the majority of us cannot name one. However, in your fitness journey we all need to have someone cheering, shouting, and applauding us on. We need that fan who would pull us through to victory when times get rough. When you are wrestling with fatigue during your workout and cannot muster up energy to complete the last set; we need that fan. When you’re starting your workout and mentally cannot overcome the stress of life to push on; we need that fan. When your body is saying no, just take today off; we need that fan. Again, I ask you: Who is your #1 fan?

To my surprise and maybe to yours, the answer to that question is You. In your fitness journey you are your #1 fan. You should admire and be enthusiastic about yourself. You should cheer, shout, and applaud yourself on. Every workout, every set, ever rep, and every exercise should be accompanied and driven by your internal fan. Your fitness companion, #1 Fan, is there with you rather times are up or down. Rather you complete your workout in superb fashion or in mediocre effort, your #1 Fan is there.

Cheer yourself on, shout yourself to the next exercise, applaud yourself when a set is complete, high five yourself when your workout is done, and be your #1 Fan.

Supreme 90 Day 65-66

I had Ultimate Ball on day 65. I think my ball is getting a little flat or maybe I am the one getting flat, LOL. I love but truly hate this workout. I love the way my core feels tight afterwards but during I just despise it. To release frustration and unintentionally burn more calories I often find myself punching the ball. Allow me to thank Tom Holland, creator of Supreme 90 Day, for creating the Ultimate Ball workout. I admire your creative work with the stability ball and can say from experience that it works.

Stay Fit!


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