Fit Motivator #4 – “The New You”

Posted: July 4, 2011 in Fitness, Life, Motivation
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You have set your fitness goals. You know what you want to weigh and when you want that to occur. There is a physical image stamped into your brain of how you will look when your goal is met. Without a doubt you can see your new body, the improved upgraded version of yourself. A new trimmed, firm, solid, strong, and sleek body. Family, friends, and co-workers will ask you, beg you, tell me, show me how did you get a body like that. Their eyes will say to you, “No way! Is that so and so?” Your eyes in reply will say, “ Yes, it’s the new me!”

Can you see it? Can you see your slender, hot new physique? Maintaining this visual focus will, manifest the physical outcome you desire and deserve.

Stay Fit!


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