I heard an awesome lesson today regarding the subject quitting. The lesson was so on point and inspiring. It was titled, “When you want to call it Quits”. What I learned is that we will face in our lives obstacles, negativity, brokenness, heartaches, pain, suffering and God knows what else. Everything will not go the way you want it. Every idea, fitness plan, workout and strategy you set before yourself will not fall in all the right places and be exactly how you dreamed it. There will be times of loneliness, disappointments, discouragement, and confusion. Everyone you thought that would support you is either unreliable or unavailable. At this point you feel as if the only option you have is to quit, give up, or throw in the towel. You ask yourself why am I doing this. Why isn’t anything going the way I thought it would. You say to yourself, I planned it all out but I have yet to see results.

At this point you are face to face with two options:

1.     The easiest “Quit”

2.     The hardest “Last”

I could continue this post with encouraging words, motivational thoughts, and creative phrases to inspire you to keep going. I could google the word quit and locate you a step by step plan on how to not be a quitter. That is not my goal for this post. What I want you to take from this post as I from the lesson is that:


Supreme 90 Day 70-73

I can see my abs now. LOL! Supreme 90 Day you Rock! I really want to post my before and after pics but I am too critical. Maybe one day before the 90 days are up, I will post them. All I have is 17 days left, than on to the next fitness journey.

 Stay Fit!


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