Supreme 90 Day 78 – 80 Review “Not losing weight! Uugh!”

Posted: July 19, 2011 in Fitness, Life, Motivation
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Why do people focus completely on the scale and pay little to no attention to their muscle? The scale is over rated and muscle is under appreciated. The scale is worshiped as the key to progress and success; while muscle is overlooked and disregarded. There is a constant bombarding from the media with weight loss programs, weight loss supplements, and weight loss diets. I saw a commercial the other day stating that you can lose 30lbs in 30 days if you take this magic pill. So it is easy to be influenced and brain washed into worshipping the scale. Yes, it feels awesome when you place your feet on the mighty scale and see a decrease in your weight. Yes, it is easy and a simple process to measure fitness on the scale in some degree. What you should know is that when you weight yourself you are weighing fat, bone, water, and muscle. All four components of the body plus organs make up your body weight. So what are you really losing when the weight decreases on the scale? Is it fat, water, or muscle? What we should want and aim to lose is “FAT” but our goal should be to gain, build, and maintain muscle. Muscle not only looks good, but it is an active body component that burns calories. The more lean muscle you have, the more calories burned during and way after workouts. A pound of muscle occupies less space than a pound of fat. Which means you could weight the same or more but is smaller in size. Tom Venuto says it best, “Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but let’s face it – muscle looks better than fat”.

Let me some it up, focusing only on the scale will you lead too inconsistent and disappointing results; focusing on lean muscle and less body fat will lead you to a body that consistently burns and produce positive results.

There are ways to measure lean body mass and body fat. I will blog on the subjects in the near future.

Supreme 90 Day 78 – 80

I have 10 more workouts left. I am excited but in limbo on what I will do next. There is a good chance that I will do a round 2 for Supreme 90 Day. Also, I am interested in Beachbody Asylum workout, My FitnessShock HIIT workout, or P90x. I don’t know but definitely want some type of resistance. How about you comment and offer some suggestions.

Stay Fit!

  1. Coach Lee says:

    hey fitnessshock, nice post and i completely agree with you..scales can act as de-motivators for alot of folks who are obsessed with a certain weight goal. As far as your situation goes about being in limbo…i can only comment on p90x as that’s what i know. The way it’s set up is for 3 days lifting 3 days cardio alternating and every workout, you’ll feel it. There are different ways you can approach it though if you favor more cardio, but you sound like your more into muscle. Good luck with your last few workouts, bring it! cheers mate!

    • FitnessShock says:

      Thanks for the comment. P90x is a great program. I had awesome results from it. Tony is an awesome fitness coach, and change a lot of lives. I remember way back in the Power 90 days.

  2. edwin says:

    I’d go with a body beast / supreme 90 day hybrid…Follow supreme schedule and for phase 1 follow beast build…phase 2 beast bulk ( you will have to double up days e.g chest/back bulk, shoulder / arms bulk) a little lengthy but no longer than a p90x muscle workout. As for cardio just follow the prescribed S90 plan!

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