Supreme 90 Day 80 -87 Review “Single Step”

Posted: July 27, 2011 in Fitness, Life, Motivation
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A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. – Lo-Tzu

Journeys are inspired and started because of a dream. There is an unusual ambition to fulfill a specific goal. There is an inspiring idea, a thought to be at a place or in a state, which you so passionately desire. All you can see is the end result. You can see the target. The target is so perfectly stitched into your mind. You can feel the overwhelming sensation of accomplishment. Adrenaline and fear overcomes your body with thoughts of failure, difficulties, and success. The only thing you can clearly see is an image of yourself fulfilling that dream. All of your being desires to be there. There is a thirstiness that can only be quenched by the refreshing taste of success. The dream is now a virtual reality in your mind. All you have to do is take the first step and begin your journey.

A few months ago I was inspired to start a journey to accomplish and complete Supreme 90 Day. I had that same desire described above. I saw the infomercials and new that I wanted to take on this task. We all have our reasons and causes for starting a fitness journey. Mine’s was first to challenge my body. I wanted to see if Supreme 90 Day was as good as the infomercial stated. I mean come on, who does not want a 6 pack in 90 days. Being a P90x and Insanity graduate my second reason was to compare the work and see if I could add Supreme 90 Day to my wall of accomplishments. Supreme 90 Day definitely has my approval and will be always welcomed to ride along with me in my fitness journey.

All I have is a 3 days left to be at that target.  72 hours to obtain my trophy. 4320 minutes before I can exhale. I will enjoy and cherish that moment. I will even reward myself. But deep in my mind I know that my fitness journey is not over. Supreme 90 Day was just another step in my thousand-mile journey.

Stay Fit!


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