FitnessShock Exercise 101: Intensity Part I

Posted: October 26, 2011 in Fitness, Life, Motivation
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Are not getting and seeing the results you desire from your fitness plan? Are you bored with the same workouts? Have you hit a fitness wall and your body has not improved? Do you have stubborn body fat that will not go away?

Allow me to encourage you. You can get the results you desire. You can have fun working out and get pass that fitness wall blocking your improvement. Stubborn fat can be defeated. All you need is “INTENSITY“.

If you have seen any fitness infomercial, worked out with fitness DVDs, or exercise at a gym, you have heard the word intensity. You hear it in phrases like: add more intensity, dig deeper, go 110%, and go hard or go home. What are they saying? What does intensity really mean? How important is intensity for my workout plan? How can I be confident that my level of intensity is appropriate and applicable for my fitness goals?

Intensity Defined:

Webster defines intensity as the quality or state of being intense. It is a mental and physical state of expressing great zeal, energy, determination, or concentration. Exhibiting strong feelings and/or an earnestness of purpose to achieve ones goal. Working out requires more than just the movement of weights or resistance. It requires more than just hopping on a bike, jogging on a treadmill or stepping on elliptical. Working out also requires intensity. Intensity is the ingredient for improvement. Intensity improves conditioning, improves results, and improves confidence.

The importance of Intensity:

I have heard this time and time again: “I am not seeing any results from my workout plan”. I usually respond with these questions: “How often are you working out and how intense are your workouts? Are you giving a lot of energy during your workouts or are you going through the motions?”

Going through the motions can get you from point a to point b. But ask yourself what did you gain during that process. Of course in the beginning of your fitness journey you obtained some results by going through the motions. But your body is a very smart machine. It will adapt to your workouts. The more your body adapts to your workout the less results you will see. Intensity destroys body adaptation. There is no way for the body to adapt to proper and smart intensity. Intensity is the mental part of working out. It is as important as the exercise equipment, the personal trainer, the weights, and the fitness instructor. Intensity is the catapult to the next level of fitness in you. A workout plan that does not have intensity is a workout plan that will eventually lead to no results.

Intensity Application and Analysis:

Let us now see how we can apply and monitor our workouts for intensity. Intensity levels will vary for everyone. The intensity level for world-class sprinter will be different from a marathon runner. The intensity level for a body builder will be different from a power lifter. The intensity level of an individual that just started to workout will be different from someone who has been working out for a while. You get it?

The first step to applying and analyzing your intensity is knowing your level of fitness.

To Be Continued on next post: FitnessShock Exercise 101: Intensity Part II – Learning your fitness level and using that information to increase your workout intensity for ultimate results.


  1. Pam says:

    GREAT!!! Couldn’t agree more;) Found your blog right before starting S90. I hadn’t lost a pound for a little over 1 year:/ Looked back over everything and realized the workouts were there, the “earnestness of purpose to achieve ones goal” wasn’t:/ Started eating ‘clean’ every meal, watching every macro. I’m on day 40, down 4#;) Seeing muscle and pushing each exercise. The INTENSITY, that comes internally, is making the whole journey fun;) Thanks for the boost, perfect timing;) It’s a ‘God-cident’ 😉

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