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Wow its been a long while since my last post. Everything in my life is going great. I took some time away to gather myself and truly find my fitness identity. Sounds crazy but we all have a fitness identity. I’ll blog on that title in a later post.

Do you know how challenging it is to be discipline and consistent in fitness? I don’t know about you but its like a roller coaster ride. Up and down, up and down, one week I don’t miss a workout, the next week I don’t make a workout. One day my nutrition is great, the next day sugar cravings win.

“Discipline and Consistency” 

Watching the Olympic games this summer gave me a new perspective on the words “Discipline and Consistency”. The majority of the Olympic athletes train for 4 years just to have their chance for the Gold. Event though most of the participants won’t even win a medal. Some will not even make it to the final round. What a disappointment some folks would say. What a waste of time.  But to me it is not a disappointment, nor a waste of time. Its an opportunity and an experience of a life time. It takes discipline and consistency to even qualify for the Olympics. Its not about the medal, but its about overcoming the obstacles, the difficulties, and the challenges just to make it there.

We can compare our fitness journey in that same manner. I know we all have started this journey with a goal in mind. Just like the Olympic athletes. A goal to look a certain way. A goal to achieve a certain body weight or body fat percentage. Yes we do need that goal because it’s our target but it is not the only measuring tool for success. Discipline and consistency can too be our measure for success. It takes discipline to do what your are doing day to day to reach that goal and it takes consistency to make sure you get there. For this moment forget about the prize, forget about the goal, and enjoy the fact that you have it made this far in your fitness journey. So, sit back, enjoy and embrace what you have done thus far.