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What’s up fit folks. I have been away from blogging but not away from fitness. I just wanted to post my current workout routine. For the last few months I have been working on perfecting a workout based on my fitness methodology. I believe that there are three true components into getting the body into righteous shape. Those components are:

  1. Resistance – Strengthens and Firms the Body
  2. Cardio – Conditions and Tones the Body
  3. Core – Balance and Define the Body

In which comes the name RC2 (Resistance, Cardio, and Core)

In my RC2 workouts I comprise all three components into one hardcore workout. I don’t know about you but I like to get it in when I can. Time is crucial and working out 6 to 7 days a week is not for me. Doing a session of cardio exercises like running on the treadmill and following that with an hour of lifting weights is so old school and inefficient. So why not do it all together. There are so many positives and advantages when you comprise Resistance, Cardio, and Core. On a later date I will blog about the advantages of RC2. So in the mean while check out my workout and let me know what ya think. Also this is an Advance Workout, however I do have some beginner and Intermediate workouts that I will post in future and by request.

Enjoy and Stay Fit



Wow its been a long while since my last post. Everything in my life is going great. I took some time away to gather myself and truly find my fitness identity. Sounds crazy but we all have a fitness identity. I’ll blog on that title in a later post.

Do you know how challenging it is to be discipline and consistent in fitness? I don’t know about you but its like a roller coaster ride. Up and down, up and down, one week I don’t miss a workout, the next week I don’t make a workout. One day my nutrition is great, the next day sugar cravings win.

“Discipline and Consistency” 

Watching the Olympic games this summer gave me a new perspective on the words “Discipline and Consistency”. The majority of the Olympic athletes train for 4 years just to have their chance for the Gold. Event though most of the participants won’t even win a medal. Some will not even make it to the final round. What a disappointment some folks would say. What a waste of time.  But to me it is not a disappointment, nor a waste of time. Its an opportunity and an experience of a life time. It takes discipline and consistency to even qualify for the Olympics. Its not about the medal, but its about overcoming the obstacles, the difficulties, and the challenges just to make it there.

We can compare our fitness journey in that same manner. I know we all have started this journey with a goal in mind. Just like the Olympic athletes. A goal to look a certain way. A goal to achieve a certain body weight or body fat percentage. Yes we do need that goal because it’s our target but it is not the only measuring tool for success. Discipline and consistency can too be our measure for success. It takes discipline to do what your are doing day to day to reach that goal and it takes consistency to make sure you get there. For this moment forget about the prize, forget about the goal, and enjoy the fact that you have it made this far in your fitness journey. So, sit back, enjoy and embrace what you have done thus far.


Whose fault is it really?

  • I don’t have time to go to the gym.
  • I am too tired to workout.
  • My job is frustrating me too much.
  • I need a baby sitter.
  • It is my genetics that causes me to be fat.
  • I’m too old to be working out.
  • And my favorite, I just don’t have the energy.

We can come with so many excuses for fitness. We can blame so many people. We can find fault in almost anything. But when it is all said and done who is left?


You have to face the facts. It is entirely up to you to make the difference in your life with your body. You and only you can make that choice and make the difference.



Take control of what belongs to you. Your Body and Your Life belong to you. Don’t allow circumstance, people, and emotions to control the outcome for your body and life.


When things do not go the way you want for your body. There is no one else to blame. It’s your fault. Take responsibility and do something about it. Be accountable for your own actions and decisions.


The power for success and failure is all yours. You can choose to fight or you can choose to fold. You can stand up and be determined or you can run away and falter. It’s up to you.






This is your time, this is you day, and this is your year. All things are possible, and all things will be accomplished. Your focus is precise, and your attention is locked. You are not troubled and you are not distressed.  You see your vision and you are living your dream. The power within you manifest itself out to consume all challenges, and to destroy all obstacles. You see things that are not as though they are. Every inch of your being is in tune and dancing to the beat of success.

I believe in you. I know you can do it. I can’t wait to see and hear your testimonies of success. I am burning on the inside with anticipation and expectancy for you. All things are possible.

The attached pic shows the word impossible broken. The letters “I and M” are no longer attached to your possibilities. They are now separated but utilized to represent the power that is in you. “I and M” is now used together as one word “I’m”. Lets add it back to possible and we get “I’m Possible”. That right, your are possible. You are that very thing you desire. Now say to yourself:

I’m Possible

I’m Powerful

I’m Courageous

I’m Fit

I’m Prosperous

I am, I am, I am 


Thanks to Gym Motivations for posting this awesome pic. I do recommend for you to like Gym Motivations on Facebook. They frequently update their page with motivation pics and quotes. Here is the link:

Based on a comment/request I received I thought it would be useful to post the Supreme 90 Day work out Titles, Times and a pic of the calendar. If you have any questions about the workouts use the comment section and I will reply. The workout times are shorter than the others (P90x, Insanity, Turbo Fire, etc…) but S90d is all about what you put into the workout. The Calendar link was provided by Hope and published by Clay Bowler on Scribd . Thanks Hope for the link and Clay for providing the Calendar. Here ya go!

WorkOut Titles and Times
Chest & Back – Warm Up: 4:19, Workout: 22:14, Cool Down: 5:57
Ultimate Ball – Warm Up: 4:19, Workout: 30:33, Cool Down: 5:57
Tabata Inferno – Workout: 37:45, Cool Down – 5:57
Shoulders & Arms – Warm Up: 4:19, Workout: 32:49, Cool Down: 5:57
Cardio Challenge – Warm Up: 4:19, Workout: 31:06, Cool Down: 5:57
Legs – Warm Up: 4:19, Workout: 22:51, Cool Down: 5:57
Total Body – Warm Up: 4:19, Workout: 23:17, Cool Down: 5:57
Core Dynamics – Warm Up: 4:19, Workout: 18:06, Cool Down: 5:57
Back & Bi’s – Warm Up: 4:19, Workout: 46:22, Cool Down: 5:57
Chest, Shoulders & Tri’s – Warm Up: 4:19, Workout: 34:51, Cool Down: 5:57
Supreme Rock Hard Abs (Bonus DVD) – Workout: 6:22


Stay Fit!

Part II:

Learning and knowing you fitness level can give you the data needed to add intensity to every workout. On my last post I received an awesome comment from Pam. All of her words was so encouraging and real. But her last ones stuck to me the most.

 “The INTENSITY, that comes internally, is making the whole journey fun.”

Pam hit it right on the nose. Intensity starts from the inside and consumes what’s on the out. Intensity not only will enhance your workouts, but it will enhance your attitude, your self-perception, and your fitness courage.


The first step to applying and analyzing your intensity is to know your fitness level. How can you know your fitness levels?

By documenting every rep, set, weight, time, mile, etc.… for every workout. This will give you the data needed to know your fitness level and to add intensity to your workout. Each and every workout will be a self-challenge to do and be better. You can increase the weights, increase the reps, change the time to complete, or any modification. Those simple workout changes will require more intensity to complete. It doesn’t take much to do the same workouts, same reps, same mileage, or same pace. Your body locks into that mode and learns how to endure. Adding and modifying your workouts requires an earnestness of purpose to achieve, “Intensity”.


The second step to applying and analyzing your intensity is to know your fitness goals.

What is your fitness goal?

An archer cannot hit the bulls eye if he doesn’t know where the target is.” Setting fitness goals are vital. It gives you something to aim at. So what is your goal? What do you plan to achieve? When do you want to achieve it? What is your desire outcome? Do you want to loose fat and retain muscle? Do you have an event in which you want to slim up for? Are you getting ready to compete in a fitness competition? WHAT IS YOUR GOAL?

Knowing your fitness goals sets your workout target. Your fitness goal allows you to develop, strategies, and plan for success. Each and every workout can be tailored and designed for your goal. The goal and time expected to accomplish will give you the knowledge to know how much intensity to apply. If your goal is challenging and you have a short time for accomplishment. You would add more intensity to your workouts. If you have more time for accomplishment, you can decrease the intensity and slowly increase intensity the closer you get to your targeted time. Intensity is like the gas paddle for a car. The less you press down on the paddle the slower you will go, you will burn less gas, and it will take longer to get to your destination. The more you press down on the paddle the faster you will go, more gas is burnt and you will arrive at your destination quicker. If you do not press down on the paddle, all you will do is set in idle, going no where. Do you see how important it is to know your fitness goals?

Are you ready to go for it now? Are you read to get the results you deserve? Are you ready to express great zeal, energy, determination, or concentration? Are you ready to exhibit strong feelings and/or an earnestness of purpose to achieve your fitness goal? Are you ready to have fun like Pam during your fitness journey?

All you need is to add Intensity. All you need is earnestness of purpose to achieve.