Stay Motivated!

The Learning Point!

The Learning Point is a phase when Health and Fitness is stressful, challenging, and tiring. There is no improvements in your conditioning and even your body appears to be at a stand still. However, you have grown to understand the importance of fitness and you have learned a lot about yourself. You are aware of what it feels like physically and mentally before and after a workout. Your body and mind is now equip to function with your Fitness Life Style. Take that knowledge and maximize it. You are at your Learning Point. Stick to your fitness plan or better yet modify it. You are growing into that Fit person you desire to be. Fitness is a self improvement journey. A journey in which we all can survive and progress. A journey with several Learning Points.

When you don’t see or feel improvements remember that your knowledge of Fitness is improving. Your self awareness is improving. Just remember that you are at the Learning Point!

I know you are strong and I know you can survive. Stick to it.

Stay Fit!


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